1st Year CSPE Trip

Exploring Wild Ireland’s ancient Celtic rainforest, our students learned first hand about the vital role of animal welfare and how the sanctuary provides refuge for animals who have faced exploitation and mistreatment. They also dedicated their time to cleaning Ludden Beach in Buncrana.

This hands-on experience underscored the CSPE principles of active citizenship and environmental stewardship. Prior to their trip, the McGahern and McCourt CSPE classes organized an Easter hamper draw as a fundraising initiative to contribute to the cost of their trip.
Year Head Ms Molloy would like to thank the Class Teachers, SNA’s & CSPE teachers 

This 1st Year Trip went very well and this was down to great teamwork & amazing young people. This made the day very enjoyable and great memories were made for sure ! 

Thank you to Hannah Sweeney Murray, class Mc Gahern for creating a video clip of the trip. 

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