The study of History at Junior Cycle is now a compulsory subject for students.  As a subject it aims to “enable students to develop the necessary conceptual understanding, disciplinary skills and subject knowledge to investigate the actions of people in the past and to come to a deeper understanding of the human condition”. (NCCA)
The History Department over the last number of years have carried out some exciting projects remembering our past and bringing it to life again by combining the talents of our students with the technological advances of modern day. Click on the links below to enjoy a sample of their recent work.
VIDEO:   “I wish the sea was not so wide” :  https://youtu.be/zagMz6u1RnE
Press release of CD launch



 Checkout some examples of visual learning strategies used in the history class: Mind Maps, Venn diagrams, Fish bone diagrams, Alphabet soup


Please see below some important information in relation to the subject of History.

Junior Cycle History Fact Sheet – A short information sheet on Junior Cycle History for parents and guardians.

Junior Cycle History Specification – A detailed breakdown of the full Junior Cycle History syllabus.

Senior Cycle History Syllabus