Digital Media Literacy

In Digital Media Literacy you will learn to use digital technology for enquiry and research properly and to participate safely and effectively in the online environment.

What will I learn in Digital Media Literacy?

  • How to using digital technologies for example creating infographics, blogging and podcasts
  • To investigate the ethical and legal issues around downloading media from the internet
  • To develop an understanding of online safety
  • To develop your digital literacy skills so that you know what information to ignore or discard, and how to identify what can be useful or significant information  
  • How to create, collaborate and communicate effectively and to understand how and when digital technologies can be best used to support these processes


How will I learn Digital Media Literacy?

Some of things you may do with your teacher and classmates:

  • Share, present and publish your stories, ideas and opinions in a personal and creative way using digital technology, for example Google Slides, Blogs, Podcasts
  • You will work in teams to produce digital content on topics that are relevant to your lives
  • You will use digital technologies and communication tools to keep online learning diaries and reflection journals
  • Discuss and research the concept of privacy and its application by young people on social networks


How can Digital Media Literacy be useful to me in school / other subjects?

Many of the skills you learn while studying Digital Media Literacy are very useful inside school. It will link in with all subjects especially: ICT, SPHE, CSPE and all subjects that require research and presentation skills.


How can Digital Media Literacy be useful to me outside school?

Digital Media will help you consider your safety and that of others when using social networks and other communication tools outside of school.  It may well be central to whatever career area you choose.

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