The Junior Certificate School Programme (JCSP) operates within the Junior Cycle curriculum. It is an intervention into the Junior Certificate/Cycle and not an alternative to it. It helps to make the curriculum accessible and relevant to young people who would benefit from a different approach.


The Junior Certificate School Programme attempts to help young people experience success and develop a positive self-image by providing a curriculum and assessment framework suitable to their needs. The programme aims to ensure that students actively participate in their learning, make progress and build on their achievements. The programme also aims to develop students’ literacy, numeracy, communication and group work skills. On completion of the programme, students receive a profile which is an official record of their achievements from the Department of Education.

Benefits of participation in the JCSP Programme:

Mr J O Donnell the Co-ordinator of our JCSP Programme highlights the benefits of the JCSP as being an opportunity for students to benefit from their time in school and enjoy the experience of improvement and success. It does this by providing a curriculum that adopts a student-centred approach to education and in providing students with a programme to meet their individual needs.

JCSP will support participating students in the following ways:

  • Supports including Literacy/Numeracy Initiatives, Recording Achievements/Profiling, Cross-Curricular Statements, Personal |Development Programmes, Celebrations and Certification;
  • It is a targeted intervention and so a targeted group(s) of students will be selected each year and these students will benefit from specific extra interventions/initiatives. 

Rewards and Celebrations

Celebrating student achievements and successful initiatives are an integral part of the JCSP programme. JCSP students may be rewarded for their successful participation in initiatives with guest speakers, awards and outings.

For more information: the-jcsp-programme-explained