Graphics is recognised as an important subject where students develop skills that are transferable across a wide range of subjects such as mathematics, technologies, science and art. Students use a variety of media to communicate their ideas and designs.

Through ongoing assessment students develop their creativity as they investigate and solve design challenges. Students work with their peers to refine their ideas from an abstract concept to a final, detailed, drafted design. Graphics provides opportunities for students to develop skills in creativity and spatial reasoning.


The study of Graphics at Junior Cycle develops the underlying language of the technology subjects and enhances the learning for a student who wishes to continue their studies in the suite of technology subjects offered in both Senior Cycle and Leaving Certificate Applied.

Please see below some important information in relation to the subjects of Graphics (Junior Cycle) and Design & Communications Graphics (Senior Cycle):

Junior Cycle Graphics Fact Sheet – A short information sheet on the subject of Graphics for parents / guardians.

Junior Cycle Graphics Specification – A detailed breakdown of the full Graphics syllabus at Junior Cycle

Senior Cycle DCG Syllabus