Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association is an important organisation providing a voice for all parents or guardians in the school. All parents or guardians are entitled to be members of the Association and are entitled to attend all meetings. An Annual General Meeting is held every Autumn at which officers are elected to the positions of Chairperson, Secretary & Treasurer . The principal and a staff representative also attend all meetings of the Parents’ Association.

Meetings generally take place every 6 weeks. Parents / Guardians are informed by email when there s a meeting. The Association discusses topical items that impact on their children’s education and schooling. It considers the latest developments in school life. It provides feedback and informs policy through consultation.  The principal gives a report on recent and upcoming events relating to the school. The Association also has two representatives on the school’s Board of Management.

The current officers are:

  • Jason Ewing, Chairperson
  • Yvonne Haughey, Secretary
  • Shirley McNamee, Treasurer

Email Parents’ Association on: