Board of Management

The Board of Management of Finn Valley College is a sub-committee of Donegal ETB. The committee is made up of four appointees by Donegal ETB, two parents’ representatives and two staff representatives. The principal, Mr Mc Fadden is secretary to the board while the deputy principal, Ms Boland is recording secretary. The board meets approximately five times per year though may meet on special occasions as required.

The board is responsible for  the overview of  all activities in the school. As part of its role  it considers the school policies, the resources at its disposal, curricular needs and developments.

Finn Valley College Board Of Management Membership 2019-2023

Donegal ETB Nominees

  1. Cllr Gary Doherty
  2. Cllr Martin Harley
  3. Ms Bernie Mulhern
  4. Ms Lorraine Thompson

Parent Representatives

  1. Mr Jason Ewing
  2. Ms Vivienne Merritt

Staff Representatives

  1. Mr Danny Mc Dermott
  2. Ms Angela Ward

Principal Reports to the Board of Management

Please find below reports made by the principal / secretary to the board which may give you an insight into the routine activities taking place in the school.

Academic Year 2019/20

BOM Agreed Report November 2019

Academic Year 2018 /19

Board of Management Report- April 2019

Board of Management Report – February 2019

Board of Management Report November 2018

Academic Year 2017 / 18

BOM Report May 2018

BOM Report March 2018

BOM Report January 2018

BOM Report November 2017

BOM Report September 2017

Academic Year 2016 /17

BOM Report May 2017

BOM Report November 2016


Academic Year 2015 /16

BOM Report May 2016

BOM Report April 2016

BOM Report January 2016

BOM Report November 2015