Business Studies

Junior Cycle Business Studies 

This is both a theory and practical based subject which provides students with key skills they can use in the future.  The areas of personal finance, enterprise and economics are covered using a variety of teaching methodologies which enable the student to discover, debate and decide for themselves.

Assessment takes the form of CBA 1 in second year, CBA 2 and an Assessment Task in third year and a final common level exam at the end of third year.

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Senior Cycle Business 

Leaving Certificate business creates an awareness of the importance of business activity and develops a positive and ethical attitude towards enterprise. The learning experiences in business develop students’ critical thinking, creative and organisational skills while enhancing literacy and numeracy skills using real-life examples. Business provides students with a learning foundation for a wide range of careers in business, marketing, law, enterprise and management.

This syllabus is for students in the senior cycle of post-primary education and is assessed at Ordinary and Higher levels. (Curriculum online)

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