Principal’s message

Mr Thompson

Principal of Finn Valley College, Mr Alan Thompson

Welcome to the Finn Valley College website!

Whether you are a student, parent, staff member or you are from the wider community I hope that this website will give you an insight into the many great things that are happening in our school.

Over the course of the coming year we hope to re-develop the website so that it becomes a must-visit site for anyone with an interest in the school. I hope that the site will become a portal for greater involvement of all the site visitors in the school community.

We hope to upload material on a wide variety of issues affecting our school community ranging from student news, local events of interest to students, school sports and whole school activities to wider developments that affect the whole school.

We also hope to upload material and important links for students, staff and parents that will support and inform people on issues affecting them. We hope to upload all of our policies for ease of reference as well as the school calendar, examination information and other important links to sites and supports for parents, students and teachers.

Finally, I hope you enjoy your visit to the site and that you find it worthwhile. Enjoy!!

Alan Thompson