Want to learn more Irish?

Online Support available from:

  Youtube – basic conversational Irish courses



  • Liam O’Maonlaoi Course in conjunction with Irish Independent
  • Learn Irish – free subscription for conversational Irish
  • TG Lurgan
  Instagram accounts – older pupils who have Instagram accounts can modernise their language skills through accounts such as these.



  • Scéalta Síofra
  • Gripswitgaeilge
  • Cuplafocal_
  • Gaeilgeoirguides
  • Labhair_liom
  • Gaeilge_vibes
  • Geailgheansaí
  • Gaeilge_bheo
  • Frasai.simpli
  • peascaeasca
  • muinteoirgaeilge
  • focail_iontacha
  Facebook accounts that promote the use of Irish



  • Irish Language Learners
  • Irish Language Bytesize
  Pinterest – range of pins here to enhance your vocabulary.



Classes are recommended to use their school interactive Duolingo account to add fluency and accuracy to their spoken Irish in classes.


A free app is also available and pupils are encouraged to use this independently to aid with sentence structure and vocabulary development.

  Dictionary – available online



Radio station for young people


Various sites with topical discussions and news through Irish.

Please see below some important information in relation to the subject of Gaeilge:

Junior Cycle Gaeilge Fact Sheet – A short information sheet on Junior Cycle Gaeilge for parents and guardians.

Junior Cycle Gaeilge Specification – A detailed breakdown of the full Junior Cycle Syllabus.

Senior Cycle Gaeilge Syllabus