Geography Fieldtrip

On the 17th May our 4th Year Geography class completed their L. Cert Geography Fieldtrip. Below is a short account by Bríd Donaghey reflecting on her enjoyment of the day and her learning.

“We went to the Lowery More River in Barnesmore Gap to explore the role played by geomorphic processes on the formation of one landform in a fluvial or coastal or glacial environment.

There was great excitement on the journey as it was our first trip out of school since second year. The weather was cold but it stayed dry. We firstly put on our wet gear and wrapped up. We carried down the equipment to the river bank. Our first part of the investigation was to measure the width of the river using tape and poles. Next we measured the depth at this point which was quite deceiving as it was deep in places. Finally we measured the speed using a flow metre.

We moved along the river bank and looked at erosion and deposition. Using a chain we noted the wetted perimeter. We recorded all our findings which we will write up and discuss before we present our fieldwork assignment next year.

The day was really fun and it was nice to have a picnic and enjoy the lovely relaxing and scenic views of Barnesmore Gap. Thanks to our teachers for organizing the day and making our learning more enjoyable.

Off now to write up my coursework!!”

Using measuring equipment to calculate about the speed and flow of the river

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