Finn Valley College Prom 2016

A Sweet Night in the Finn Suite!
The Finn Valley College Prom was held in Jackson’s Finn Suite on Friday 30th September.

With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as the night’s theme; only those with a Special Golden Ticket were permitted past the huge lollipops that guarded the entrance. Thanks to Clive Wasson, photographer who sponsored the Golden Tickets.

The venue, sumptuously decked out in regal purple and silver featured sweetie trees adorning the dining tables each of which was named after a student’s favourite confection.
The dedication and commitment of the students to making the night special was clear.  Well done to the Prom Committee; Truda Mc Daid, Siobhan Bogan, Leah Mc Brearty, Oaran Mc Gurk, Reece Mc Gahern and Edward Crawford.  The group, with the support of their Year Head, Ms Heraghty and Class Teachers Ms Coll, Ms Nesbitt and Ms Molloy, have been planning the special occasion since April 2016.  With the final touches being made on the morning of the prom, it is little wonder that The Finn Suite was a world of pure imagination.


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