Massive turn out for School Tour Guest Tea

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Thursday 10th March saw the staging of the annual European School Tour Guest Tea in the Villa Rose Hotel.  Upwards of 400 hundred people turned up to support the event to leave the beautiful Cappry Suite packed to capacity and saw over €3,500 raised for the students heading off on tour to Barcelona at the end of the Easter holidays.

Once more the wonderful community spirit synonymous with FinnValley College was on show, with those attending ranging from great-grandparents right down to newborn children, parents, staff and, not least, the tour-going students themselves each of whom hosted their own tables.

The fayre on show at the tables was a delight in itself with a huge assortment of treats and sweets adorning each and every one of the 35 tables.  The tea party goers were also treated to a variety of entertainment on the night.

Leaving certificate students Thomas Slevin and Adam Hughes kicked off the proceedings with a Finn Valley version of Ant and Dec and soon had a number of willing audience members, including our very own Rozzi Bezaz, singing Old Mac Donald…in Spanish!  Following this 4th year student Leah Mc Brearty and Sports PLC student Dillon Doherty gave a great duet rendition of Titanium.

Mr White then ran off a Spanish themed table quiz that ended in a three way tie break only for Ryan O Hagan’s table to come out on top. The night’s entertainment concluded with a draw for a number of donated prizes.

Tour organiser and Deputy Principal Ms Boland thanked all those in attendance for their generosity and support.  Huge thanks are due to those students and staff who helped in any way on the night namely the sound man Mr Mc Daid. Ms Diver, Ms Mc Granaghan, Mr Swann and Mr Thompson for the marking of the quiz, the student helpers at each table and the ever reliable PLC students who helped set up the room earlier in the day and their help throughout the night.  To Sian Foy for her photography skills and to ‘Mr VR’ himself, Jason Dullaghan for putting in so much effort.

Special thanks and sincere appreciation are also due to Mr Tommy Gallen and his excellent staff, headed up by Ms Rhonda Gillespie for all their help and expertise.

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