The class of 2010 and staff enjoy a fantastic night at their prom

Some of the glamorous Leaving Cert girls pictured at their prom

Jackson’s Hotel provided the setting for a great night at the 2014 prom.

Some of the glamorous Leaving Cert girls pictured at their prom

Some of the glamorous girls pictured at the prom

Jackson’s Hotel played host to a wonderful renewal of the Finn Valley College Prom on the final day of term, last Friday night.  The amount of style and panache on display was a testament to the amount of time, effort and money that the students and their parents put into making this one of the most special nights of their young lives.

The students were given the full red carpet treatment as the Limos, buses and even a chauffer driven lorry pulled up outside through the crowds of relatives and well-wishers. Fruit punch greeted the students and their partners inside the elegant surroundings of the Finn Suite as hundreds of cameras flashed from local media, the professional photographer and, of course, the obligatory selfies!

From there, the revellers made their way into to the Drumboe Suite which was bedecked in a classic Black and Gold theme fit to grace any occasion. Also in the room was a beautifully decorated Sweet Cart adorned with dozens of specially named treats such as ‘Thompson’s treats’, ‘Boland’s babies’ and ‘Mc Granaghan’s mints to name but a few.  The sweet jars named after the more than twenty staff of the school who generously gathered to help celebrate their students’ special night – a nice example of the special relationship enjoyed between staff and students in the school.

After a beautiful meal all chairs were gathered in front of the big screen to watch the much-anticipated slideshow- a half hour production that chronicled the students’ time in school.  Embarrassed groans and howls of laughter filled the room as the gathering witnessed, through film, the changes that have occurred to them over the past five years.

Students Stephen O Donnell, Casey Doherty and Kevin Patton from the prom committee then gave short speeches thanking those deserving of thanks. Mr Thompson then gave a short speech praising the students and staff involved in the organising of the night before the excellent DJ Greg began filling the dancefloor with a great set. Throughout the night also, students and staff paid several visits to the ‘Photo booth’ for some great prop-inspired snaps that will provide yet more memories of their prom.

There were plenty of novelty prizes given out across the night before the voting began for the best dressed and, of course, Prom King and Queen. Niamh Boyle who wore a stunning full length red dress picked up the Best Dressed female while Adam Callaghan, also sporting red in the form of a stylish bow tie and braces to go with his navy suit won Best Dressed male.  The final two prizes of the night went the way of Prom Queen Casey Doherty and Prom King Michael Mc Colgan, two very deserving and popular winners. The night ended with the crowd calling out for ‘One more tune’ and DJ Greg duly obliged before the partygoers departed after a night to remember.


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