FVC Engagement with Art from our Community

“”Helping to make visual studies more intrinsic to teaching and learning.

Marina Hamilton’s Painter & Sculpture Studio and Gallery is located on the family farm in St. Johnston, Co. Donegal. In both her sculpture and her paintings, she tries to reflect the unique character of the animals that she sees at close quarters.

We were delighted & very grateful that Marina visited our school this week to show Miss Quigley’s 1st year art class and Ms Molloy’s 2nd years some of her beautiful work. She  explained her journey from her secondary school days, to her now busy days as a very successful & Nationally known practicing artist. 

Her advice for the Junior Cycle Visual Art students was to research and draw what you like, ?? It was clear to see how Marina’s love for horses shines through in her work. 

Students gained an understanding of what it means to bring an idea from a concept to realization. Showing how the 3 strands for JC Visual Art: Art, Craft & Design are Interconnected.  

They enjoyed the opportunity to analyse and examine Marina’s methods & techniques she uses to create her stunning Artworks. Small Trojan , a green bronze horse, was a sure favourite with the students. 

For more information check out her Website Link: https://thebluehorsegallery.com/

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