2023 Variety Show goes Rock n Roll

The Balor Theatre was a buzz this week with music, dance and laughter as our annual variety show entertained the Finn Valley community once again with their talents. The theme this year was a throwback to the wonderful era of Rock n Roll. There was rave reviews from the audience who got to kick back and enjoy some favourite songs, dance moves and comedy acts from Buddy Holly to Elvis.

Well done to the team of directors, choir masters and choreographers who worked diligently over the last number of months to bring this idea to fruition. Also not to forget the staff and students for their commitment in bringing together such a fun and entertaining show. Well done to all on such a great achievement and on behalf of the audience a big thank you for such wonderful entertainment. It was clear to see that these were memorable nights where talents blossomed and dreams came true.

Thanks to the local media for their wonderful praise and positive reviews and coverage of the show, it is very much appreciated.

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