Return to School Dates

We hope everyone had a nice summer and we look forward to welcoming all our students to Finn Valley College.

Return dates for students are as follows:

Monday 29th August: 1st Years

Tuesday 30th August: 1st Years

Wednesday 31st August: 1st, 3rd, 6th Years, LCA 2

Thursday 1st September: 1st, 3rd, TY, 5th, LCA 1, 6th Years, LCA 2

Friday 3rd September: All students & 2nd Years (Note: LCA 1 and LCA 2 do not attend)

Check out the following links that may support your child in their return to school:

First Year Information Site

Moving from primary to secondary school – Excellent resource-A Planet Youth Initiative based on the Icelandic Model.

Moving from preschool to primary school – podcast NEPs –

Dealing with an anxious child – Anna Freud Centre-7 tips –

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