Information on Subjects in FVC

The different departments in Finn Valley College have put together a selection of short videos to display the variety of subjects available in our school. This will hopefully be of value to our incoming 1st Year Students in September 2022 who did not get to visit us this year for our annual Open Day.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to add a selection of videos that will be informative to students.

The History and Geography Department in FVC have been busy this term doing lots of interesting research topics and projects. They have put together these short videos to showcase some of their students busy learning using a variety of strategies.

Check out our English Department where reading, creative writing and communication skills are all being developed through variety of active teaching methodologies.

Visit the ART Department and check out the talented work that Ms Molloy has inspired our students to be creative and produce pieces using a variety of art forms.

In the Home Economics Department, Junior Cycle students displayed their practical skills both in cookery and textiles to demonstrate their skills and what they are currently learning about in their CBA’s. They also demonstrated their knowledge on Sustainability and Healthy Eating.

In Wood Technology, Mr Mc Dermott and Mr Rodgers have put together a selection of project work to demonstrate student skills and craftsmanship.

In Study Skills and STEM, the teachers have been busy using a variety of skills to help students to be creative and support them in their studies to become independent learners.

Click on the video below to see the fabulous work being done by our students in their Irish classes. Through the use of inclusive and multi-sensory resources, teachers aim to foster a love for Irish that not only support them in exams but that will be something they carry with them. Beatha teanga í a labhairt.

In this CSPE video, you can listen to Junior Cycle students talk about what aspects of CSPE that they enjoy. The video shows lots of posters, active learning methodologies and projects that students have participated in to help them become active citizens.

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