FVC Wellbeing Month of October

To support Wellbeing in the Finn Valley College community we are organising a number of wellbeing activities throughout the month of October. These will be aimed at students, staff and parents and hopefully help to build resilience and support positive mental health.


On Monday morning we will start our first Mindfulness event.  An announcement will be made over the intercom at 9.10 am and teachers will be asked to play mindfulness music / guided meditation / motivational talk for their class for 10 minutes. Check out some of the following links to participate if you are at home…..

Guided Meditation
Motivational Talk from Denzel Washington for LC/LCA/LCVP

For staff, we are hoping that you will join the Wellbeing Team in walking / jogging a mile for Pieta over the next three Tuesdays. The meeting point for staff is the front door of school at 4.15 pm each Tuesday.

Throughout the month, there will be motivational speakers to the school and students will walk/jog a mile as part of their PE classes. To draw the wellbeing month to a close we will have a non-uniform day on Friday 22nd October with all proceeds going to Pieta. Students are asked to wear clothes and colours that make them feel happy.
Thanks to the Ms Summerville and the Wellbeing Committee and HSCLO Ms Mc Geehan for getting students, staff and our school community to consider and look after our wellbeing.

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