Cinemobile cross-border project

Students from Finn Valley College and St. Eugene's Castlederg pictured outside the Cinemobile

Ms Dormion has been busy organising a cross border initiative that involved a link-up with St Eugene’s in Castlederg and a couple of visits into the Cinemobile.

Cinemobile are hosting an annual schools project in October 2011 based on the concept of ‘School Twinning’ along the border. This project aims to help promote integration and foster friendships between students from different backgrounds in Ireland.

 The idea behind school twinning is to introduce students from different backgrounds, allowing them to work together and explore the very human theme of conflict and conflict resolution through the medium of film.

In today’s media rich environment Film is certainly the art form most favoured by the current generation and the medium that speaks to them most clearly, having now become integral to the school curriculum.

Cinemobile were seeking interest from schools on both sides of the border wishing to take part in this project. A school from North of the border, St Eugene’s in Castlederg was twinned with Finn Valley College. On Tuesday the 4th of October, 25 Leaving Certificate students from Finn Valley College travelled to Castlederg to attend a screening of the Boy in the striped Pijamas and some workshop activities around the film.

The following week, on Tuesday the 11th, this process was reciprocated when 25 students from St Eugene’s travel to Finn Valley College for a further day of film screening of Lord of the Flies, discussions and workshops.

What Cinemobile in Northern Ireland will deliver is a project that will kick-start friendships between schools from different backgrounds that it is hoped will grow and develop once the project is completed.


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