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If you run out of free space on your microSD card, you can transfer the data to a higher-capacity microSD card using a computer. If you’d like to make free space in the system memory, you can do so by archiving software data.

  • Simply sync your controller with your phone and it’ll automatically work when you load up the game.
  • Choose a loadout from the armory before each mission and unlock new weapons and gear as you progress through the game.
  • You must collect stars by completing specific objectives during each mission — the stars are used to unlock more missions.
  • You’re best off using the Bluetooth controller as it gives you a distinct advantage against the AI zombies as well as your online opponents.

Save data can only be saved in the console’s system memory. If you want to transfer files without folders, you can do “File Backup” in AOMEI Backupper and then restore the backup image to your SD card.


If the game progress cannot be saved, or if an existing save file cannot be read, try initializing the console via maintenance mode without deleting the save data. Start the game or software application and select your save file.If the save file for a given user is missing, you will need to start your game progress again. Screenshots will be saved to the "NintendoAlbum" folder on the microSD card. You can transfer screenshots from the microSD card to a computer. Please be aware that the Nintendo Switch console won’t be able to recognise the screenshots if you change the file or folder names or the folder location on the microSD card. Software data cannot be moved from the console’s system memory to the microSD card.

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This service includes access to online multiplayer for games like Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. You also get cloud saves so you’ll never lose your save games, even if your Switch console breaks and you have to replace it. There, you can play games with the new SD card on Switch again. For obvious reasons, games downloaded from the eShop are installed on the Nintendo Switch. Even better, games purchased as physical media don’t have to be installed to be played.

The Nintendo Switch offers both digital games you can download and physical games on cartridges. Digital games are convenient—you can buy them from home, download them instantly, and play immediately. You can play them without swapping cartridges and you’ll always have them with you, making your Nintendo Switch more portable.


And don’t worry, all your game saves are kept on your console itself, so you’re not at risk of losing all that playtime and progress whatever option you choose. The Joy-Cons on the Nintendo switch can be used together as a pair, or they can be separated and used as two tiny little controllers. This allows you to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and other great multiplayer games without buying more controllers—although you can buy more controllers too, if you like. You may need to change your controller configuration to have your Switch treat those Joy-Cons as separate controllers, though. Like Nintendo’s previous consoles , the Nintendo Switch has a strong focus on local multiplayer. There are a lot of great multiplayer games for the Nintendo Switch, so you can actually play games with your family and friends in the same room.

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