The 15 Best Google Play Store Alternatives For Android Devices

This android apps alternative store provides the full details of an app without hiding any information. You can unfavorite the android apps which you are already owned or not interested in this app store. This APK downloader android app is the most reliable third-party app store. You can observe the full details of an application in this app store. From download details to user reviews and for any future update issues.

Not only this, but Aptoide also lets users have their own store where they can manage apps. Developers can upload apps on Aptoide and manage their apps there without having to pay a fee like Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Every Android phone certified from Google comes with a pre-installed Play Store. From there, users can download apps from millions of options available on the internet. Google Play Store is the most secure and popular marketplace for Android apps, but there are several alternatives available that you can install and use on your Android smartphones.

#4 Samsung Galaxy Apps

This google play alternative store does not only work well but also compatible with any of your android devices. GetJar has more than 30 million users and includes a recommendation service, similar to that of 1Mobile.

These apps either come pre-installed on phones, or you have to download and install them as an APK file. Google doesn’t recommend installing apps from third-party sources as it can cause security issues with the OS. As of the third quarter of 2020, Android users were able to choose between 2.87 million apps, making Google Play the app store with biggest number of available apps. The Apple App Store was the second-largest app store with almost 1.96 million available apps for iOS. best app stores for android There are many other Stores that can be added to the list, but we focused only on the ones that offer the experience and security just like the Google Play Store. Having said that one must be cautious while trying third-party app stores as there are stores which offer pirated apps at the cost of breaching their privacy and security. Chinese smartphone developer, Oppo has its own app market which recently took a leap and came to the 6th position in top 10 list of app stores.

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Customize the filter section for the shortlist of results, while searching for any app of your interest. Learn how to optimize Android apps in offshore web development the store’s guide and learning sector. Get thousands of android apps in one place throughout this android alternative apps store instantly.

However, it still makes use of web pages to browse apps, but you can always install an APK bundle to download apps smoothly. Through this article, we will introduce how to manage a remote team you to some of these alternatives. There are some separated apps categories, including with subcategories in this google play alternative store’s catalog bar.

Tap App Store

Many mobile app stores have been created exclusively for the Chinese market. is one of the many mobile app stores that focuses on games and entertainment, yet has a robust selection of apps in other categories. Many consumers find their way to app stores because they’re looking for games, but discover brand-associated and other useful apps along the way.

Btw, I think you should update your list of alternative app stores. Now there’re lots of new sites providing malware-free APK files, including but not limited to apktovi, apkpure, or appnaz. APKMirror has recently launched one android app on Play store so that the users can easily install and manage the downloaded APKs from APKMirror.

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Here it is discussed about the variety of android app stores that will help in choosing the standard one to have a better performance of your android app. If you are seeking an alternative app store because you find the Play Store overwhelming and difficult to search, then we have another solution to suggest.

This App store has recently came ahead in the App market and made its impact by gathering huge customers. Get Jar is also one of the oldest app stores offering a wide range of apps in the Android Market. Its website and app share the same view, users can browse for the apps anywhere. Publishing Android app to multiple app stores increases your app’s visibility and ultimately enhances your revenue. Exploring your options isn’t a bad deal when the growth of your application is on the line. Find some more information on the alternatives available for Google Play Store mentioned-below.

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You can find more options for promotions when you choose an alternate app store for android apps. There are the biggest challenges when it comes to choosing a standard option for Android app stores. With recent technology, there is a higher chance of getting access to more to localize and specialized customer audiences with the android app stores.

  • Mall’s tagline is “The Android Mall that Loves Developers”.
  • More than 0.1 million android apps daily get to list in this google play alternative store app.
  • Some limited-edition paid apps can be found free to pay on this alternative store for a short period.
  • Those apps might be available for sale on a rice price or for a discount price to buy.
  • Learn and discover many unreleased android apps that have country restrictions.
  • Then definitely you will find every needed app in this cloud store.
  • An epic google play alternative store offers free on apps sale to the users.

This mobile app store is primarily targeted to the Chinese market, with most app names and descriptions written in Chinese characters. Huawei is installed on many of the company’s devices and allows people in countries without access to the Play Store to download the apps they want to use. Building your app for both Android and iOS users gives your app the best potential for discovery.

The Android Mall That Loves Developers

It claims to have 3 million downloads a day, with 70,000 apps in its app store. It encourages developers to use a freemium model, displaying ads and using in-app currency instead of charging for the app. Thus these are some of the alternate app stores for mobile apps. When you chose for the best app look at its charge, specifications, popularity, and higher competition. This app store has a direct link with Yandex, an opera mobile store.

best app stores for android

is simultaneously a collection of app promotion tools and a browser-based mobile app store. Brands can use AppBrain to make their apps more visible in various mobile app stores, including its own, as well as to drive more traffic to their app listings. Think of neXva as a mobile app stores with many different mobile app verticals that others have developed. It was built specifically for developers who want to control how their content is distributed among consumers, so it’s a highly useful part of any mobile app marketing strategy.

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Aptoide store is also a third party store for Android where you can download apps other application management outsourcing than Google Play. The alternative app store can be installed on any Android smartphone.

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It has access to most of the app developers or customers in the market. This app store has an average of over a million downloads a day. One of the greatest advantages is that the huge audience will get to access it completely free. Though it takes 30% of the sales it is worth it and as this app store generates. In the best app stores for android app store business, the SlideMe platform has been a long term layer where the users can regularly find this app store on android devices added to the main competitor. The biggest advantage of using this platform is that the payment can be done online, and the store charges only 20% on each purchase of the android app.

However, you’re looking at nearly 5 million competitors in these mobile app stores, which is why you might want to consider listing your app elsewhere. While the Google Play Store has a robust search engine that makes finding apps easy for consumers, brands sometimes find that their apps get buried in search results. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t list your app here — you should — but you also want to explore other Android-specific mobile app stores. The Google Play Store, which hosts movies and other content as well as apps, was one of the first mobile app stores. It opened its doors in 2008 and exclusively targets the Android market. You’ll notice that the majority of mobile app stores in our list below focus exclusively on Android devices. There are a few reasons for the imbalance between Android and iOS.